Oddworld Stranger's Wrath

Confirmed Information


  • Official Game Title: Oddworld Stranger's Wrath

  • Stranger is described as a 'mysterious lone bounty hunter'.

  • He also has a life threatening health issue, and he needs to raise a lot of money to get fixed.

  • Strangers first mission is to hunt 12 bounty's, the higher the bounty on a character the higher the difficulty.

  • The game is described as 3rd person action and 1st person shooting.

  • Stranger doesn't like guns

  • He has a double barrel crossbow which shoots live ammo.

  • You are able to mix combinations of the live ammo for different results.

  • Live ammo mentioned was: Bolamite (spiderball), Chip Punk ( he talks trash/sarcastic), and the Skunkbomb (he makes enemies puke).

  • You can also upgrade the live ammo for eg. the Chip punk can have a PA System (head set) which allows him to speak louder and draw in more enemies.

  • There is also alot of AI, which makes other creatures aware of whats going on in the world around them, eg. If you bump into them they respond/react.

  • There is also an incentives to not kill the enemy they are worth more bounty if you catch them alive.

  • The game play is said to feel more like a movie or show.

  • After catching the 12 bounty's it is said that the plot thickens and leads to a more epic conclusion...

  • Game Play:

    • OW4 is an exploring game with a First Person Shooter element.
    • Stranger will be using live ammo for his crossbow
    • Stranger will be using a boat at some stage of the game, as seen in the discovery special.
    • Stranger is thought to have two forms, one is a disguise, one has horns.
    • Stranger will also have a lot of interaction with the environment.

    Hunter names: These were discovered at this years Game Developer's Conference, they were handed out on trading cards.

    • D. Caste Raider
    • Pack Rat Palooka,
    • Blistrz Booty
    • Filthy Hands Floyd
    • Meagly McGraw
    • Flint "Explosive" McGee
    • Mortimer Bang
    • The Looten Duke

    Quintology: The new game is not part of the Quintology.

    The hunter chasing Stranger in the Discovery Special name is "Blisterz Booty".

    Chicken Characters: Species: "Clakkerz".

    Main Character Name: "Stranger" (Previously thought to be Steef)

    Main Character Species: Steef (Similar to how Mudokon and Gabbit are also species)

    Release Date: Early 2005

    Game will be published by: EA Games

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