Oddworld Stranger's Wrath

Images From the Upcoming Game 4

There have been some sneak peaks at the new game through game sites and TV specials here are the images collected from various places.

*Thanks to sligslinger from oddworld forums for the Discovery Channel special images.

chickens_large dc1 dc10
dc11 dc12 dc13
dc14 dc15 dc16
dc2 dc3 dc4
dc5 dc6 dc7
dc8 dc9 dc_gamedesign_head
dc_gamedesign_steef dc_gamedesign_steef2 dc_gamedesign_steef3
dc_gamedesign_steef4 dc_gamedesign_steef5 dc_lorne1
fuzzyboat gamespot_boat_drawing gamespot_swamp_gun
ign_steef_drawing_head ign_steef_drawing_head2 introdusing_steef
swamp_large_sit videoshot_boat videoshot_real_face
videoshot_real_face_big videoshot_render xfactor_steef_face

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