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I have this working theory that a steef is actually more or less a natural bounty hunter. In other words Stranger is sort of like some sort of half wildlife half inteligant life. Evidence of my theory is the fact that Stranger is being hunted by the Grub Hunters and poachers. Why? Maybe because of his horns and a steef's horns are a most prized item to the hunters. The Hunters and poachers are industrial bounty hunters and Steef is natural. Which once again is another way on how the industrial world is hurting the natural world for profit. If you ask me this next game remindes me of how elephant poachers go after elephants for their tusks for a bounty or profit.

I believe its a similar fashion in Stranger. Stranger is the elephant and well the Grub Hunters are the poachers. Stranger is inteligant but uses the natural world around him to hunt his bounty for food or something. Thus useing the enviroment. And the grub Hunters use industrial means to hunt down their bounty for well moolah. And where would this Moolah go to? Possably a different member in the octigi family like that one Octigi with arms we saw in that early concept. I have this feeling we might see those to be like the next breed of glukkon in this game. But its only a theory.


You all have good theories but I think Stranger is more in touch with nature than we think.

I remember seeing a large picture of Stranger in his animalistic form meditating in the forest on the X-factor special. Right away I got the feeling that maybe the Scuba Toads or Natives (looking as wisdomful as they do) were teaching him the ways of nature, how the creatures of the forest could aid him in his constant onslaught of evil poachers, and how he could use the elements of the environment to help him thwart the Outlaw Bosses.

But that's just me...

Thanks to all sources for contributing to this page, thanks to everyone at oddworld forums for their input.

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