How would you feel if you broke your leg in a bear trap, were abducted by soulless scientists, had an alien device implanted in your skull, and found out your race had been hunted to extinction? Meet Munch, hero of the most magnificent yet Oddest Oddysee of all. His luck is about to change - for the worse.

As the guardian angel over Munch
and his sometimes best friend Abe, its up to you to help or hurt their self-sustaining biosphere and all their friends that live within it. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll meet Fuzzles about to fry. A neurotic world in desperate need of therapy, you are either going to set things straight or push them right over the edge. May Odd help you!

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to view various screen shots from Munch's Oddysee.

There are no cheats for Munchs Oddysee. View the walkthrough.

Various objects seen throughout the game.

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