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When asked about Hand of Odd, Alf of Alf's Rehab & Tea responded with the following:

"Hand of Odd is about us using the technology of Munch, enhancing upon it, and bringing it into the multiplayer world of gaming. How many players will be able to interact at one time is still yet to be determined. If we can get 8 players at one time for Hand of Odd we will be happy. It will be enough. If we can get more we will be ecstatic. Hand of Odd will not be an online community in the way that Everquest or Ultima Online are. But we do plan to take advantage of features like downloadable units that will help to keep the world fresh even after it’s been out there awhile. Our most important function will be speed. We'll take advantage of as much as we can until update rates become an issue. There as so many questions that relate to the multiplayer Internet capabilities that are yet to be answered technically, that we can't lock down to the degree that we would like yet."

From http://www.oddworld.au.com/

Hand of Odd will be the fifth Oddworld game. A real-time strategy game, Hand of Odd will be the first Oddworld game which can be played online. With Hand of Odd, players will be able to choose whether to play as a Mudokon Tribal Chief or a Glukkon Executive. And who you decide to play as will determine the path the game will take.

Imagine playing as a Mudokon Chief - your role will be to help the native land grow and to protect it's resources from being used by power hungry Glukkon corporates. Trees should be kept growing, animals are sacred... it all makes the spirits happy you know. But maybe that just isn't your cup of tea. Perhaps you would rather play as a Glukkon Executive, with a world out there just waiting to be exploited for a profit.

There are forests to be cut down that can be turned into many items and animals that can be made into meat products. All in the name of making money of course. Hand of Odd will give you the chance to play on line with up to 14 other players, making each game a totally new gaming experience. Hand of Odd will take strategy games to a whole new level! Hand of Odd is expected to be released after Munch's Exoddus.

The Following from: http://oddworldforums.net/oddworldian/handofodd.html

The fourth game in the Oddworld Quintology, Hand of Odd will be a real-time online multiplayer extravaganzer in which you can choose between two parties: the land muggers or the tree huggers.

Depending on which side you choose, the game can be played from several different perspectives.

As the name suggests, the land muggers consist of Glukkons and corporate monsters who want to take advantage of the world around them at the cost of polluting rivers and turning beautiful landscapes into toxic wastelands. Forests can be demolished and species can be driven to extinction while manufacturing delicious products and mountains of Moolah can be made. On the other hand you have the tree huggers - peace loving Mudokon flower children who plant trees and nurture the land.

Hand of Odd's release date has yet to be announced as Oddworld Inhabitants focus on Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee and Oddworld: Munch's Exoddus.

The details on this game are sketchy at best. No release date has been scheduled. Check back in the future for any information on Oddworld: Hand of Odd that arises.

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