June 2004

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Stranger Release Date
The specific release date for the fourth game has yet to be finalised but expect a 1st quarter 2005 date for both Xbox and PS2>Read the official press release

Oddworld's "Stranger" finds a home with Electronic Arts
EA confirms that it will publish the next Oddworld title; game is bound for PS2 and Xbox gamers sometime in 2005. Oddworld cofounder Lorne Lanning takes us behind the scenes. More
Oddworld: The First Ten Years
The Art of the Oddworld Universe 1994 - 2004
Oh my god, I almost fell off my chair when I saw this. Oddworld Inhabitants are releasing a book that will feature stunning compilation of images from the first ten years of Oddworld Inhabitants. MORE HERE. I am sooooooooooooo excited its beyond belief, and its being published in Australia wooohhooo :-) :-)
New Stranger Images
They're tiny but we are creative people!
View my dodgy enlargements here.

Oddworld.com June Updates
Sorry for the late update.. me lazy...but Oddworld Inhabitants has been very busy!
- Alf's Inhabitants Anonymous
- Dear Alf
- Inhabitants Profiles

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