April 2004


Hires Stranger Image!
"Stranger � Oddworld Inhabitants" has been nominated for the 3D Game Cinematics (non interactive) at the 3D Awards & they have posted a awesome hires picture of Stranger.
Thanks to OddBlog for finding this latest info!

May Oddworld.com Updates
We have had hints that there might be a major announcement from Oddworld Inhabitants in this months website updates. Maybe the release date of "Stranger".
Reserve Your Copy of Stranger (OW4) Today.
It seems that in the US & UK you can now reserve a copy of the next oddworld game "Stranger". Paramiteabe from Oddworld forums visited the local game store and was able to pre-order a copy of the next game. Full story here.
Also note that we have not had confirmation from Oddworld Inhabitants that the game can be pre-ordered, so approach with caution.
Oddworld Forums Back Online
Oddworld Forums, Oddworld Universe and Oddworld-Web were unavailable for a few days, they are now back online.
Sapphire's Report for This Years Game Developers Conference
She describes the opening CGI movie for OW4.
Meeting Lorne Lanning
And the cool oddworld merchandise she won!!!
Stranger Trading Cards
Pictures found! We now know who the Outlaws are!
Thanks to Sapphire who attended this years GDC for this info & OddBlog for getting the story online.
Polygon Magazine Article
Thanks to Abe Babe for making the magazine into a PFD file.

File Size: 2.14 Mb
You need Adobe Acrobat to view this file.
No new info about "Stranger" like we hoped, but Dear Alf has been updated, there is a new Inhabitants Profile: Animator, John Hood. And a new fan of the month.
Maybe next month we will get a "Stranger" update.

Oddworld at GDC (Game Developers Conference)
A photo of Oddworld Inhabitants Booth. Here
Thanks to Alcar

New website design launched.
My website has undergone major surgery to make it more organized, easier to read & neater than ever...Enjoy the new Depths Of Oddworld!!! Thanks to everyone who voted for a colour change :-)
Is there more I could do to improve my website?? If you have a great idea, email me your suggestion.

Some changes you will notice;


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